Publication Subscription

Currently, Viet Nam AIS publications include:

  • Viet Nam AIP and related AIS publications, customers may consult Charges here;
  • Viet Nam DAP and related AIS publications, customers may consult Charges here;

To order AIS publications of Viet Nam on the yearly basis (from 1st of January to 31st of December), the following procedure should be referred:


Sent Project NOTAM

In case of receiving information/raw data suitable for distributing NOTAM, the customers can promulgate the project NOTAM by the following steps:

AIP AMDT proposal

The Viet Nam's AIP users can propose amendment for Viet Nam AIP.

The process of receiving and handling proposals consists of the following steps:


VNAIC web accounts

In May 2013, VNAIC’s Editorial Board Message sent web accounts (username and password) to the individuals/organizations who are in the user list of purchasing, exchanging or receiving Viet Nam AIS publications.


With the provided accounts, the users are granted to:

The account is granted access to this website, the user can:

·         View the products with limited access such as AIP, AIP AMDT;

Access the automated AIS system through the website.

Other AIS websites

The Editorial Board has listed hereafter the AIS website addresses of other countries in the world to assist the users' searching for related information.

The addresses are listed on the continent basis. Please click on correspondent name or image.